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Hello and welcome to the forum of Cavisynth

Hello and welcome to the forum of Cavisynth dedicated to the users of my modules.

I am Stéphane and for now I am alone in this beautiful adventure.
This is a lot of work and things to do so I will ask you to respect these few rules in the forum please:

  1. Do a search on your question before posting a new topic.
  2. Be friendly and polite to other users and myself.
  3. I am not a slave and I do not have all the knowledge of the world, thank you for being tolerant.
  4. Thank you also for being tolerant with my English which is very bad.
  5. If you speak French, I would be happy to answer you in French.

For my part, I pledge not to leave you in trouble and try to solve the problems (if any) to the extent of my knowledge, my time and my possibilities.

Thank you for choosing my modules, it is an honor for me!